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Multiswitch 13/20 PIU-6 terrestre amplifié

Multiswitch 13/20 PIU-6 terrestre amplifié

(Code: MS1320PIU-6)
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Multiswitch EMP Centauri de la série Profiline , garanti 4 ans .
Un 13/20 largement paramétrable : Terrestre actif ou passif ; compatible LNB Quattro ou Quad ... Livré avec visserie et fiches F.
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Profi line 13-input multiswitches

  • Compact multi-switches of MS13 series are designed for customer's signal distribution installations from three satellite positions for 4 up to 26 subscribers, including terrestrial radio and TV programs. They are successors of P.160 series.

    Main features
    • Switchable active / passive terrestrial path. In passive mode, terrestrial signals including return path are available even with disconnected power supply
    • 22 kHz tone may be applied to the upper band inputs using miniature lever switches to allow for correct function of Quad LNB
    • 12V DC power is supplied in terrestrial input for a masthead amplifier (electronically fused, 150 mA max)
    • 15 dB attenuators for all inputs
    • chassis terminal for proper grounding


  • Multiswitch MS13/20PIU-5 is suitable for distribution of 12 SAT IF signals including terrestrial for up to 20 users.

    Specifications of MS13/20PIU-6
    Frequency Range LNB-Inputs  950-2300 MHz 
    Terr. Input  5-862 MHz (passive) 

    40-862 MHz (active) 
    Outputs  5-2300 MHz (passive) 

    40-2300 MHz (active) 
    Control   DiSEqC commands
    Insertion Loss 950-2300 MHz  7 dB avg
    5-862 MHz (passive)  30 dB avg
    40-862 MHz (active)  6 dB avg
    SAT Inputs Isolation Between V/H Polarisations  20 dB min
    Between Low and High Bands  20 dB min
    Between Sat Systems A and B  25 dB min
    Maximum Input Level* Sat.  85 dBµV avg
    Terr.  110 dBµV avg (passive)

    85 dBµV avg (active)
    Maximum Output Level* Sat.  78 dBµV avg
      80 dBµV avg (passive)
    79 dBµV avg (active)
    Power Consumption From each receiver  75 mA (18 V)
    From an internal power supply  4.5 W (TERR passive)
    6.5 W (TERR active) + LNB
    Dimensions (w,d,h [cm])
    47.0 x 15.2 x 8.7 cm (power cord length 130 cm)
    Temperature range
    -30 °C - +70 °C

    *Terr.: EN 50083-3/60dB IMA3 [dBµV]; SAT: EN 50083-3/35dB IMA3 [dBµV]